Laser engraving

Laser Engraving, an invisible process

Turning on the spotlight
Conventional techniques such as milling, spark cutting and spark-erosion cutting are often adequate for working with all kinds of materials, but these techniques are far from adequate for producing details smaller than 50 µ. In such cases, laser technology is the next logical step.

Fast and flexible
Laser technology is a quick and flexible method for working with a wide variety of materials while at the same time reducing the initial costs involved. The use of lasers also introduces very little heat so that product tolerances can remain within acceptable levels.

IR lasers can be used for many such applications, but for the most demanding jobs working with shorter wavelength UV lasers is a necessary alternative.

In fact, the highly energetic photons of UV light make it possible to engrave extremely tiny details and to exert better control over the interaction with almost any kind of material. The absorption characteristics are also better with UV as well as the degree of flexibility with which this type of light can be used. If necessary, one can even reduce the interaction time with UV in order to optimize even the tiniest engraved detail.

In this knowledge-intensive area of light assisted technology, LASERTEC specializes in various disciplines.

Picosecond pulses

Pulsed lasers

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