Why Lasertec With virtually limitless laser possibilities combined with various measurement capabilities including a SEM in our 425 m² Lasertec is for more than 25 years a trusted partner. With Reliability you can expect from a company with over 25 laser workstations, but with eagerness of a small company.
Laser Ablation line_text A material removal process with localised interaction allowing a very thin layer of gold of 1µm to be evaporated in 5 steps. Thanks to our ultra-fast lasers, we have an ablation process with a minimal heat impact. This enables the drilling of burr-free holes in various materials, as well as the removal of thin layers as accurate as 0.2 µm on large surfaces.
Laser Welding line_text High-brightness fibre lasers in combination with high-end positioning enables us to weld accurately in position and depth. We weld stainless steel to platinum, wire to sheets, and from 50 µm up to 1.5 mm thick. Better control of the laser energy and an accurate spot position allows us to create a micro welding process capable of strongly and precisely joining very thin layers of material together.
Mechanical Bending line_text High-tech micro-metal forming processes provide controlled deformation with an accuracy of up to 3 µm adding an innovative combination to reach a whole new dimension, solving challenges in medical equipment, the automotive industry, and watches, for example.
Laser Structuring line_text Selective aesthetical sandblasting, friction reduction, physical restructuring, optical effects, and gluing optimisation are just the tip of the iceberg to the endless possibilities of applications to reorganise surface structure with a state-of-the-art controlled laser process.
Laser Drilling line_text Lasers have no tool wear, making the technology ideally suited for high repetition processing. Demanding environments, such as the automotive, medical, and semiconductor markets are clamouring for this technology. With the correct wavelength pulse energy and optics, the reproducibility is astonishing. Filters, flow control, orifices, restrictors, and optical filters are examples of domains with needs for high repeatability in terms of quality and positioning. Micro laser drilling meets this demand perfectly.
Laser Cutting line_text From 5 µm up to 2 mm, micro laser cutting combines speed and precision to cut, for example, thin polymers. Depending on the technical or financial reasons, we can choose between long pulse cutting or cutting by ablation. Ophthalmic instruments, sheet metal parts for system integration, and mechatronics are our daily business. We produce various medical instruments where all disciplines are used.
Wire EDM line_text A high-end line from a Swiss supplier offering high accuracy to combine force and achieve a series process beyond boundaries. If you choose EDM Wire technology for your project, we will use the benchmark machines from Agie Charmilles.